「Empowering Local communities」

We contribute to the development of local communities and promote international mutual understanding by promoting multicultural coexistence including the support for multilingualization.



We offer translation as well as the following services below.

Printed matters

Printed materials such as magazines, flyers, posers, direct mails, etc. are the main items of public relations. It has been common knowledge that to get the best quality one needs to have a huge production budget. With Institute Kohojima, we offer the highest and best quality public relations products at low cost.


Websites, blogs, social media, etc.. are indispensable for today’s information transmission, for many reasons like it is easy to update and it is cost effective. Institute Kohojima will help you in spreading information and updates using the vast experience of our designers, and creators who are well-versed with pop culture, as well as foreign staff member’s global point of view.


Please feel free to contact us anytime, we will be happy to help you in any ways we can.

Specialties and Strengths

Further enhance the potential of the information to shared
Easy to understand translations
Easy to understand translations

We have a team of highly experienced foreign member staffs who are in charge of accurate translation of Japanese to help with your multilingualization needs. Mainly N1 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1) certified staffs, with double and triple checks conducted by multiple native speakers to further ensure accuracy and correctness. Also, we also provide support for “easy to understand Japanese” which is essential in promoting cultural coexistence.

Fast Creative Direction
Fast Creative Direction

We offer one-stop and speedy visualization of translation, text composition, website construction, photographic expressions, etc. Normally, coordination and management of different companies are required for each process to achieve multilingualization. Yet with Institute Kohojima, we believe in providing services that will support all your business needs so you can focus more on your core business.


Our non-profit corporation is committed to serving the public interest, so we operate at a low cost. With lower cost, we are dedicated to provide active and sustainable support to local governments and businesses that are planning to expand for greater inbound demand.

Please feel free to send us any inquiries